Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wonderful Wednesdays

Welcome to my latest idea for the blog! I will be posting wonderful thoughts, ideas, quotes, and/or pictures every Wednesday to motivate and encourage each of my readers. These posts will be short and sweet, today is the first of many, so I felt I needed to write a little more to start things off.
Doesn't this idea sound, well... wonderful?!

Why Wednesdays?

Curse you, Wednesdays! On this day, the part of me that wants to stay inside and pull the covers over my head tries to creep out. Every week she tries to keep me from going to the gym, makes me eat unhealthy things, or think negative thoughts about myself.

What's up Wednesdays?
You want a piece of ME?

Here is this week's Wonderful Wednesday moment:

“Let's take a chance baby we can't lose
Ain’t we all just runaways?
I knew it when I met you, I'm not gonna let you runaway
I knew it when I held you, I wasn't lettin' go”
The Killers: Runaway

They say good therapy is having a place in our minds where we go when we feel overwhelmed.
My happy place is in a bamboo shack next to the beach, I hear the waves coming in...going out.
I can smell the salt air.
 I can feel the warm sun.
The sand smooth between my toes.
I picture myself in this shack with the windows open, looking out at crystal clear water and blue skies.
When I get dressed it will be in a flowy white skirt, brown sandals, and I’ll let my hair dry naturally in the summer sun.
I can feel the breeze on my face.
I may walk into town and buy some fresh produce from the farmer’s market.
I may cook a delicious seafood inspired meal.
I may walk down my deserted beach at sunset.
Or I may sit in a big comfy chair, while my toes get pulled into the sand as the water washes over them.

Where is your happy place?
This was taken the summer R and I first started dating in Panama City Beach, FL. No shacks there, but I'm sure my happy place exists somewhere along the Florida coast.

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Erin Elizabeth said...

Wednesdays are kind of a drag so I think this is a fine idea. Mondays are the worst but by the time Wednesday roles around it really feels like the week will last forever! Pretty picture--never been to PC.