Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pinterest and Football Filled Weekend

This weekend we had several options on the table. Go to the GA vs. FL game, go to the BYU vs. Ga Tech game, or stay home and watch them from the comforts of our living room. 
We chose to stay home after a tough week, we watched football on the big screen, and tried out some Pinterest recipes! After doing Body Pump and Zumba in the morning, I decided pigging out wasn't such a bad idea. Our choices weren't that bad either! 
 Above are zucchini chips. R was not a fan, he does like veggies, but every now and then he dislikes a recipe. This was one of them. Mom and I on the other hand loved them. We cooked them on too high a heat, oops on that one. But the flavor was great! 

 Puppy Chow is SO good and I was really excited to make my own as our sweet treat during the games. It obviously looks nothing like the Pinterest pictures, but it was SO GOOD. I sent R home with it so I wouldn't eat it all week long. 

These roasted tomatoes were delicious! The picture makes them look burnt, but I assure y'all, they were perfect! I wish we had made more! 
Mom had pizza crusts so we made homemade pizzas with Artichoke Pesto as the sauce and veggies on top. R wolfed these down of course. 
We watched the Georgia Bulldawgs take a HUGE bite out of the Florida Gators! It was an awful game to watch with aggressive play on both sides, but we came out on top beating the number 2 team in the nation! The Cougars slaughtered Ga Tech during their Homecoming game, so both my teams won Saturday!!! 

It was nice to unwind, relax, and just be lazy. I actually took not one, but two naps!!!! 
Now back to the work week...

Also, need to plug that we voted, mom, R and, I last week during early voting. 
This couldn't be a more important election! 
I want to hear Nov. 6th, every person who could; VOTED, so that the winner can't be disputed! 

Alrighty, now I can step off my soapbox: 
What did you do this weekend? 


Kate & Alex said...

You make such a fabulous wife. Look at all the creative food you make for your husband. What a lucky kid.

Whitney Brown said...

Hahah, oh KATE that is too funny! This happens maybe once every couple of months! We have such opposite schedules I have a hard time trying out all the fun recipes that I would love to do! But thank you for such a sweet comment!
Also, that cookie came from a local bakery ; )