Thursday, October 11, 2012

Macon It Happen @ Your Library!

That was the theme of the COMO Conference this year in Macon, GA. I went with my co worker, Erin, who has become a great friend over the past 2 years. She is hilarious and y'all can check her blog out here! Her description of a pedicure had me rolling on the floor! She's the cutie patootie in the middle, that's me on the left with some amazing conference hair (ugh!) and Mel, a super funny girl from one of our distance learning centers! Mel introduced me to this site, so funny!

I went through a slight quarter life crisis (yes it is a real thing and it is happening to me, google it) the week before the conference. I suddenly realized I had been at my current job for another year (entering into year 3 now) and had not really done much to increase my career options. I do have to give myself credit, I took an anatomy class this past summer to change a BYU grade and I applied and met with an advisor for the PTA program in Athens. But other than that, nothing new.

I plan on sometime creating a poll for readers and family members to take to find out anonymously what career path (i.e. Master's degrees) would best fit me.

 YES, I am that nerdy and self involved to think y'all would want to participate!!

With all that aside, I attended the conference and came back inspired with new ideas to bring more patrons to the library. The best part about my job is I get to be as creative as I want, my boss pretty much let's me try out any idea, so that's awesome right?

Be sure and check out my library display ideas board on Pinterest!

This weekend I will be volunteering with a festival in North Carolina, how spoiled am I?! I'll be wearing this GMC Breast Cancer Awareness shirt during set up! Can't wait to share the pictures with y'all!

For ten facts on Breast Cancer that EVERYONE should know click here. 

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