Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dog Overshare

Did I really just let two weeks go by without blogging? Wow. I guess I needed some time off to become inspired. I have a couple drafts in the making and every weekend this October has been and will be filled with exciting events! So much to share!
But first, more importantly.... dog pictures. And not just of any dog, MY dog, Sunny Day Brown. We decided to name her Sunny because well she liked it! We were naming off names and I kid you not, she licked R's face when we said the name Sunny. There is NO correlation with my dad's name being Sonny, we would never name a dog after my dad! Although when I was little, my aunt and uncle had a dog named Orville.... my dad's middle name is Orville.... y'all can understand my confusion when I explained to my dad; his name couldn't possibly be Orville, that's a dog's name!
Sunny Day is my dog. After years of multiple pets in our home (every puppy would love me upon pick up and then after seeing dad their eyes would glaze over, and they couldn't wait to be his companion), I have finally found the dog who thinks I am the bee's knees, the creator of the universe, the master of baking, as fit as Jillian Michaels, and the most beautiful woman she has ever seen. Yes it is ALL true, at least according to Sunny! She loves me, we have a special bond, she never leaves my side when I am home and literally loses her MIND when I walk through the door from work. 
But, while I am at work.... here is my lovely girl:
I guess this is the part where I should add, I work an evening shift and don't get home till around 9:45 PM. Although, I am pretty sure this is what she does all day anyway. Also, these pictures were all taken on different days.... what a bum!
Here she is, life of the party. 
And Hannah, who doesn't like to admit it, but Sunny is her bestie. At least when Hercules isn't around.


Mom said...

she's saving up her energy for you!!

Stefani said...

Yay for cute puppies! She's so darling.

My parents had a dog before my sister was born named Mackenzie. They took her back two nights after they got her, because they couldn't handle the puppy drama. A few years later, though...they had a daughter named Mackenzie! And they didn't take her back. :-) Hehe.