Thursday, September 13, 2012

Zumba Fitness!

This picture makes me laugh everytime I see it. Mostly because R reminds me A LOT of Jim Carrey, especially as Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.

 Side story: when R and I were married only a couple of months, our ward had a Valentine's Day party. We played the Newlywed Game Show with many other couples. One of the questions for me was 

"Who does your husband think he is more like, James Bond or Ace Ventura Pet Detective?"

 I immediately said, "Ace Ventura", to which some of the "brethren" grumbled saying, "Nooo, R thinks he is James Bond!" Well, I was confident and stuck with my answer, when R was brought back out, what do you think he's answer was???

 Ace Ventura of course! Not sure what that says about us, but I know my husband is super silly and has no idea he could pass for a James Bond because of his good looks (but apparently some of the brethren thought he could *not in a gay way, just in a hey way, a little Flight of the Conchords for ya*)!!!

Anyways, onto my real reason for posting tonight. I have been doing Zumba for almost 2 years now. Some days, it takes all of my inner strength and confidence to walk into those classes. Most of the time, I go in with no makeup on, an old gym t-shirt and sweatpants. I love it so much, the louder the music the better! The class has helped build some inner confidence. To be ok with letting go and being silly, some try to be sexy... which makes me laugh, because (really?) they look silly!
So, I laugh during the classes, sing along to Spanish lyrics (have no clue what the words mean), and have a great workout at the same time!

Today during one of my classes, a sweet woman who I have seen several times (if not every time) leaned over and laughing said "you like shakin' yo butt!" then she leaned over to her friend, laughed and said, "she's got a big butt!"

Now, the main purpose of Zumba is YES, to shake what ya got! I laughed along with the ladies and said I was trying to keep up with the instructor (who has a much rounder bottom than I do). The more I move and the faster I move, the more I sweat, so I have to challenge myself!!
Regardless of this complinsult (R's word for a compliment that's an insult), I have had many ladies tell me they look to me when they are out of rhythm! Apparently while I've been trying to feel the burn, others have been looking at my derriere!
In my defense, the lady asked me to stand in the front of the class to make room for her and her friend, so what else did they expect to see?!?!


Mom said...

hilarious! gotta love old folks going to zumba in the mornings! they think you're adorable or wouldn't bother to say anything!

Stefani said... this. You're adorable. Also, I wish I had the guts to try Zumba, let alone ROCK at it. You go, girl. :-P

Anonymous said...

Did you know most Blacks and Latinos think a "junk in the trunk" is quite attractive? And your being a cute white girl...well your ample derriere was probably quite the subject of laughs and whispers because it was not what they expected to see! It was definitely a compliment and not an insult and not a complinsult! You should have thanked them!

Whitney Brown said...

"Anonymous" thanks for the comment and compliment! Growing up in the South, I have had plenty of black friends compliment my behind and joked proudly in high school about it! My husband loves it, I am proud of my body, thus the reason for shakin it in Zumba haha! Shake what ya momma gave ya, right? Thanks for the comment!