Sunday, September 9, 2012

Utah Escape Part 3

If you just read this title, "esc-a-py" in Dory's voice, we should be friends. Sorry, for the wait in posts! I was in Athens this past weekend and was catching up on some much needed sleep.
We woke up nice and early Monday morning, Labor Day, to take the free shuttle over to the airport to pick up our (not so free) car rental. R had a filling breakfast to tide him over for our big day.  
On our way to the rental counter, we saw a bus load of missionaries on their way from the MTC (Missionary Training Center) to their various destinations across the world! We let out a "Go Missionaries!!!!!" yell to cheer them on.  
One of activities I wanted to do while in Provo was hike the Y. It is a BYU student tradition, one that I did 5 years ago. I was suprised but I am actually in much better shape than back then! It is switchbacks the whole way and the high elevation can take a toll on these Georgia lungs.
Most of our pictures are individuals, I get tired of asking person after person to take a couple's picture together, so we just hand the camera off. Sorry for the mulitple shots!
Overlooking BYU's campus, it was a beautiful day!
 The steeple over my right shoulder is the Provo Temple. Beautiful temple, more pics of that later!
There's the Y, almost to the top! There were so many people hiking on Labor Day!  
 We couldn't climb any further, this was as high up as we could go, we were on the right side of the Y.
 Representing Oconee Physical Therapy and Sport Rehabilation overlooking Utah Valley!
 First couple picture of the entire trip!
 On our way back down, steep steps!
View from the top!
View from the bottom!

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