Thursday, September 6, 2012

Utah Escape Part 2

Saturday morning, Emily picked me up bright and EARLY. I didn't realize my bestie would need me so much on her wedding day! It meant so much to me that she wanted to spend time together. We went to the hair salon and I made sure she had a breakfast (nerves and all, didn't want her passing out!), and we met up with her mom to get her dressed and ready to go! She looked beautiful!

 Emily and I met 6 years ago in a BYU apartment, since then I have gained an amazing friend, she is my sister. I was there for her on her wedding just like she was there for me almost 3 years ago on mine. She is a beautiful girl, inside and out, has been an uplifting person in my life, and is absolutely hilarious (what more could you ask for in a friend?).
So happy for you Emily, wishing you and Chad many happy days and strong memories!
After her sealing we had time to kill until her dinner. We toured the Conference Center and it's roof (R had never been), saw the Tabernacle, and visited the Christus statue.
The roof of the of the Conference Center is always a treat because they have planted foilage on top of the building. When looking at over the city, I forget that I am not on the ground, but above the city! Foilage of eastern Utah is on the east side of the building and foilage from the west is on the west side of the building. Really beautiful!
There is a restaurant at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building called The Roof, it overlooks the temple and is a great place for taking pictures!
Her dinner was at the LionHouse Pantry, I've never eaten there, only walked through it. Apparently, it is a place every lady should go to try their huge rolls with honey butter. I have now had the experience and they were delish!!  
After her dinner, we rushed over to the temple to make it to the last session of the evening. In our temples, we learn about God's plan for us, the Plan of Happiness, they are sacred things, not secret, and we had a very special, happy experience during our time in the Salt Lake Temple.
R is not aware of this, but his "go to" posing is this one, fingers stretched out, hand is really cute. These are Book of Mormons in various of languages.  
Sunday we recovered from our full day on Temple Square by watching TV and lounged around in bed. We were bums, it was fantastic! In the evening, we walked around Salt Lake then down to City Creek, which is the largest outdoor/indoor mall in America and it is right in downtown Salt Lake! 
See more pictures and learn more here.
We didn't shop because we didn't want to, but also because the stores were closed. In our church we don't shop or work on Sunday. It is to encourage more family time and resting on the Sabbath Day (I work Sundays, as y'all know, but we also need health insurance, so I try extra hard to make that day special for us). 
City Creek is a beautiful center, everything is brand new in Utah. I enjoy it, but love the historical architecture of the South. In the picture above far off in the distance you can see BYU's rival... the Dirty Utes, The University of Utah. When I lived in Provo, I went up to SLC a couple times for events, but never got to walk it as thoroughly as we did. We even got stuck in the rain (it never rains there, guess we brought it with us from Hurrican Isaac)!  
  This waterfall is in the middle of the shopping mall, so relaxing!
 Check tomorrow for more pictures from our trip! Until then, R will continue to wear this suspicious face!

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