Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Utah Escape Part 1

I kept y'all updated on our travels, so I will just get right into the Utah vacation pictures and mini stories! I have to split up the posts because I want to share all my favorite pics and not be limited to sizes.
Hope y'all enjoy!
Why the picture of this handsome boy? I was practicing with my new camera and he was my model. We left him with plenty of food and water for the weekend, my parents checked on him later on Monday.
R had a hard time taking his eyes off of Foxnews while I got ready to meet Emily. We currently don't have a television, so he was getting updated on all things political.
More practicing with the camera, we were just excited to be in Utah with a fancy new camera for the wedding!
We walked to Temple Square where Emily picked us up for the prep day before her wedding. Countdown to 24 hours before she would be sealed (married) in this beautiful, holy building! 
I followed her around with my camera trying to capture her last day as a single woman. The above: At her office, soon her name will be changed. Her beautiful bouquet with personal family items, I helped hot glue the ribbon (I might not be a fashionista, but I can hot glue with the best of em'). Is she not gorgeous? She was so easy to take pictures of and I think she belongs in a jeans commercial in this picture!
*More to come tomorrow!

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