Monday, September 10, 2012

Utah Escape Final Post

After hiking the Y, we went by my first apartment at BYU. This is the place and ward where I have the best memories and made the friends I still have today. I did a lot of growing and changing in that apartment. So many good memories! Afterwards, we changed clothes at the gas station. Um, yes we did. And it wasn't one of those gross ones, I DO have some amount of class. We wanted to look nice for the rest of the day, so we brought a change of clothes from the hotel and grabbed some drinks. 
We had lunch at Tucano's, where they serve non stop Brazilian meat (until you say no more), which was perfect for this hungry couple! After lunch and a great visit with Paige, we started the nostalgic tour of Provo. First we went by R's mission stomping grounds. That's right, he served in Provo, can't pick the mission, it chooses you! He loved his mission and was teary eyed as we drove by his old apartment and meeting chapel. Y'all may have heard of R's bad biking wreck story where we shattered his collar bone. Each time I have heard the story, in my mind the hill gets steeper and steeper. Well, here is the road he was traveling down when his bike breaks went out causing him to fall over the handlebars.... it is barely a slope. Dangerous biking!
 I love downtown Provo. In fact anybody who knows me, knows I LOVE downtown areas of every town! This construction area is the new site for the new Provo Tabernacle Temple, we were so excited to see it! I had no idea this was the building they were turning into a temple, it is going to be beautiful!
My favorite place in Provo, the public library also known as Brigham Young Academy, BYU's origins!! This is the BEST library! 
BYU Campus, it was all closed, but we still walked campus, I pointed out to R where my classes were 3 years ago (time flies)!!
 We also visited the Provo Temple located up the hill from the MTC.
We got ice cream at SubZero off of University Parkway. A chemist in Orem created this delicious ice cream made by freezing liquid with Nitrogen (at least I think that is what happens). Either way it is delicious, think of a melted Dip&Dot and that's the taste!  
 We needed to burn off some of those ice cream calories, so we practiced with the Action feature on my camera!
Love that R is willing to do whatever I want on vacation, he is the best!!!
 So many people have pictures after graduation with the BYU entrance signs (I guess that is what you would call these?) and I wanted one before we left Provo.  
We did a mile hike to Bridal Veil Falls. I think the falls speak for themselves.  
 Our final trip of the day before driving back to Salt Lake City was driving up to Squaw Peak. It overlooks Utah Valley and is a beautiful (let's count how many times I've said that word) view. It was exciting to share so many of these experiences from college with R. 
 We are so grateful we were able to go on this trip to Utah. I loved seeing Emily and Provo.
Sometimes when life gets hard in Georgia, I tend to romanticize Utah. I would think (for some reason) life would be easier there. But while in Provo, I felt it was time to move on, that I absolutely used it up for all it had to offer me.  
 I was there during the time I was for a reason, and there are many new memories to create here in the South with my husband and family. I love you both Provo and BYU. 
Y'all will always have a special place in my heart.


Erin Elizabeth said...

More fantastic pictures! Utah is so beautiful. It looks like you and Richard had a great time. You should try to get out there more often

Mom said...

WOW! what great pictures! it is wonderful to go "as a visitor" you see all the beauty and why so many want to go there... Glad you both got to go dowm memory lane together, and enhance memories of a wonderful time in both of your lives!