Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Once There Was

A little girl who had the courage and freedom to travel 30 hours to a college where she knew no one. One day that little girl grew up, she experienced heartache, endured chronic illness, unhealthy relationships, homesickness, and gained many friends along the way. Her experiences made her cautious, more aware of her inability to be untouchable.
Well this little girl today had a total meltdown when the second flight in 5 days did not take off but stalled due to "maintenance issues." Or in the pilot's words "the left engine won't start." she quickly deplaned dragging her husband along. Snapped at the flight attendants who assured her it was "a rarity" and sought out a rental car to drive to Georgia!
What happened to her courage? Finally after hearing the high costs of driving a rental car (.50cents per mile), she pulled up her big girl undies and cussed out the airline help desk till they gave a refund....
Not really, I cried my eyes out after being glared at by one of the ladies who helped us deplane and begged for some compassion for the two kids from Georgia who know no one and need help getting home.
Ah, sweet peace as we are booked for another flight (a DIRECT flight) on the strong and always courteous Delta. We leave in 6 hours out of here to our sweet Georgia home.
We are nurturing our wounds with a huge chocolate chip muffin, hazelnut steamer, and hot chocolate for the hubby. Vampire Diaries on the free wifi is next. Whew, we are ready for some sweet Southern Hospitality, which is a quality not found in the West.

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