Sunday, September 16, 2012

Here We Go Loopty Loo

Whenever R and I find ourselves in a typical "today is just not our day" moment we start to sing, "here we go loopty loo, here we go loopty li!" My other favorite saying is "here we go down the rabbit hole," or "I refuse to go down that hole with you."

This past weekend was one of THOSE days and it didn't stop at just Friday, but carried on into Saturday with a great ending!

Here's the scoop:

I drove up to Athens after work at 4. We had plans to go see the movie 2016, but once again backed out. R was hungry, I was tired, you know how it goes. So we decided to head to ALDI, my favorite grocery store OF ALL TIME.

Do you have an Aldi near you? Check and see here.

R and I loaded UP on cheap food. Snacks for the weekend, produce (like 29 cent cucumbers), frozen foods, and anything quick to keep my starving husband happy. So we march up to the cashier, happy with our finds, stomachs growling! Our sweet cashier scans each item, which had to be over a 100 items, throws them into our buggy for R to bag and tells us our total! I was licking my lips thinking about the chocolate wafers sticks I had snuck in while R wasn't looking!

I asked for a pen to fill out my check. The cashier looked at me funny and I said, "Oh, found one!" She started shaking her head at me and I said, "what's wrong?" She said, "we don't take checks". "OH! That's no problem, here's our Discover credit card!" She shook her head again and said, "we take debit, is it debit?" I said "No..."

And then apologized for the person who had to reshelve all the items we were unable to pay for, we walked out with empty hands and our heads low.

Lesson #1 Bring only cash on trips to Aldi

So, we grabbed food from Keba to tide us over for the night. I slept in till 11 AM on Saturday (hallelujah, I needed it) and we headed out to a local grocery store we will refer to as, store who must not be named and asked beforehand if they took checks. Yes! They do, but won't take ones written for over the cart amount (no problem, I thought, I can talk them out of that)!! So we tried our luck again at stocking R's pantry and fridge for the upcoming weeks.

At check out I asked to pay the check over the amount, playing dumb, explaining we were in desperate need for cash for the UGA game that night. I was told "no"...  "Can I talk to the manager please?" Cashies says, "Sure, but he won't let you because he doesn't know where Milledgeville is." (say what?!)

A guy comes strutting over, and when I say strutting I mean, STRUTTIN'!  "Hello, I work in Milledgeville it is only an hour from here through Eatonton, but my husband goes to UGA and we live 5 minutes up the road, can we please get some extra cash for the game tonight?"

Mr. Strutter, from the store who must not be named looks at R (never even addresses me) and says, "I told your husband we would not cash a check for over the cart amount from an out of town bank." (first of all, it's a buggy, but I wasn't going there) It infruated me that this man could not even look me in the EYE! He looked at R like, "handle your wife, please".

So, at this point the part of my mom that I proudly inherited (that strong southern woman side) came out and I proceeded to get extremely rude, explained where our sister bank was in Athens, where Milledgeville was, and showed him what an idiot he was being by pointing out the sign on the counter that offered for them to give cash back on checks!

 I may or may not have called the manager a bad word as we left the store who must not be named. Thinking back, I wish we had not even paid for our groceries, but we were so desperate for some food, oh and I regret saying a bad word of course, but desperate times call for desperate measures!!!!

Lesson #2 Do not return to the store who must not be named, they are rude and stupid and need to take a geography lesson on the state in which they currently reside.

We ended up going to Walmart. We were treated SO nicely, we made small talk with the cashier, bought a rotisserie chicken and got $20 from overwriting our check, no questions asked. Who knew?

Lesson #3 Don't allow social pressure or traffic to keep you from the O Great One that is Wal-Mart.

We ended this crazy weekend with an exciting event!!! R's first Georgia Game!!! GO DAWGS! Here are some pics:

Right before the game, waiting for our friend Matt and his son Jonah to hop in the Jeep with us!

Russ, Uga IX (rip Uga VIII). He was SO cute and we were there for his initiating event, crowning him with the spiked collar and leading him into the Doghouse. It was really cute, I'm sure it is supposed to be manly because he is a mascot, but I kept saying "awwwww" (he had on a t-shirt, come on!)

At the dawg walk, it was packed!

 I am a lover of bands! They make the football experience that much better for me! Here they are as The "Arch".

 So excited at the start of the game!
 Stadium was clearing out and I was getting sleepier by the minute (too bad I wouldn't go to bed until 4 hours after this photo was taken, yikes!) We tried going to various places to eat, we ended up at our apartment where I made everybody pancakes, sausages, and eggs. Hearty meal at 1:30 AM!  
And look what came in the mail was I was gone!!! Season 5!!! Can't wait to watch with R this weekend!!


Stefani said...

You guys are adorable. We have a place like Aldi out here, but it's called Winco and they don't take checks or credit either! I totally made the mistake you did once - it sucks when you just spent so long shopping and they'll have to spend so much longer taking it back.
PS - I freaking love your Southern girl spunk. Way to show that manager who's boss. :-)
PPS - Message me on chat whenever and I'll show you how to create that "About Us" page. Or Skype us! You could see Josie! Woo hoo.

Charlotte said...

What a day! We have days like that too, like everyone else I guess. I like the "loopty-loo" name. Maybe I'll adopt it.

(I've lived in Utah nearly all my life, but I did attend kindergarten in Georgia, and it was a family trip to Georgia when I was a teenager that precipitated me really finding my own testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)

Whitney Brown said...

Glad to hear this beautiful state is the source of a wonderful memory for you!!!!