Friday, August 3, 2012

Walkin' on Sunshine

I had a moment yesterday during my lunch break, as I walked back to campus, Subway bag in my hand, and I realized something...
It struck me out of nowhere. I smiled to myself, sipped my Diet Coke, and thought "I am perfectly content!" Maybe it was the endorphins of walking, or this cute baby goat video I watched before my walk, maybe it was the delicous sub waiting for me to bite into it. 
Or maybe it was the peaceful feeling of letting go.  

I have been struggling against the current, trying to swim upstream for so long. Yesterday I felt the relief as I let go and imagined myself flowing with the stream. 
I finished my anatomy class yesterday and after talking with the PTA school, I am unsure once again if that is the right route for me. I felt good after completing the class, will it be enough to get me into the school? Probably not. Could it lead to something else? Probably so. I'm remaining flexible.
These are the only things I know are rocks on my river banks:

I have a funny husband, he keeps life so entertaining, never a boring moment, never!

My parents are the greatest in the world, no the universe, no the galaxy! They are our greatest supporters!

I have a pretty awesome job, it gives me what I need, and I can always create new projects when I need a challenge.

My friends are few, but they are amazingly funny, talented, and loyal.

Books, books, reading, and o yeah, books!

We have the cutest apartment in Athens and football season is right around the corner!

Our pets, Sunny and Milo, are the craziest, but we love them so much.

Things I am letting flow down the river:

Thoughts of babies, doctor's appointments can drive a couple crazy, I refuse to let it take over our lives!

My future school plans: Teacher? Nursing? Librarian? PTA? Who knows? I certainly don't.

New cars, used cars, we can't afford a car payment and are trying to save on gas with a gas guzzling Jeep... it all evens out on the Discover bill.

Weight loss, I continue to exercise and eat healthy, the pounds will fall off as I make good choices.

R's predicted graduation date, still undecided on a major, but every semester brings us closer to our goal of him in that red and black gown, walking aross the stage!

Where will we live after school? Good question, check back with us later... like 10 years from now.

These things are all going to work out, I just know they will, in whatever time frame they need to, it will happen. Now or later, things will fall into place. These concerns will one day become just like rocks floating downstream and landing on the banks of the shore.

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