Monday, August 20, 2012

Walk it Out, Walk it Off

Heath magazine has an article in their newest issue this month claiming they have a walking program that can help ME (and you) lose 15 pounds!

Here's the 15 pound dropper schedule:

Day 1: Walk 50-65 min.

This is no leisurely walk, time to pump those arms,
I should be slightly breathless, but able to talk.
*Sunny and I will be doing this tonight around my parents 2 mile loop, tonight
it'll be a 4 mile loop!

Day 2: Walk with intervals 45-60 min.

Walk 2 min. fast, 2 min. easy, repeat for 10-12 intervals,
I will probably run instead of walking fast.
*I will do this tomorrow on the treadmill before Zumba at 6:30!

Day 3: Walk and tone

Here's the killer! 
Walk 5 min.
Walk fast 1 min. walk easy 1 min. 5-8 times
10 alternating lunges
30-50 jumping jacks
10 alternating lunges
Walk 5 min.
15 squats 
30-50 jumping jacks
15 squats
Walk 5 minutes
Plank 15-45 seconds
30-50 jumping jacks
Plank 15-45 seconds
Walk 15 minutes 
*If you see me looking like a fool in my parents' driveway, this is why...

Day 4: Off

Whew after all that I deserve a bubble bath, or a new itunes song!!!
Day 5: Cross-train (fun day!)

Zumba class, biking, swimming, or an aerobics class!
*Biking it is! My aunt will be in town, so I will probably spend some time biking instead of going to the gym.   

Day 6: Walk and tone

Repeat of Day 3
*Saturday is going to kill me, but I am really determined to do this program.

Day 7: Off

A choir sings Hallelujah, she made it!!!!!  

My goal is to do this program to lose some lbs. for my friend Emily's wedding on September 1st. So I will only have completed 2 weeks of the program (which should be 3-5 weeks to lose 15) by the time we are in Utah, but still I am really excited to see some results!

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