Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sunny looks like this every Friday when we head up to Athens. She jumps in without being asked and she knows exactly what is going on. Doesn't she look so excited?
This time, mom and Hannah went with us (since I still have no car while the Jeep is in the shop). Hannah likes to be on the highest item in her area, this time it was my bag....
Once we were home we played with this big boy. That's my fresh cup of cold water he is drinking. I set it down on the table, took a sip, turned around and there he was with his face in it! I guess he is trying to teach this only child how to share.

Last weekend we sat around and played Words with Friends with each other (and my dad at the beach). We were able to watch live streaming of the Olympics online! We had two iPads and the iTouch out for this event! This Bulldawg is home (Milledgeville home, not Athens home, we have two homes at the moment) for a week in between class semesters. UGA starts on Monday, the 13th!

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