Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stuck in My Ways, Learnin' My Lesson, A Little Too Late

Last Sunday one of the counselors in the Relief Society Presidency taught a lesson based on the scripture Matthew 5:3-11. She brought a ladder and created steps based on each scripture beginning with "Blessed are the...". I'm not sure (might have zoned out during this part), but I believe at the top it was supposed to represent being more Christlike and a better all around person? Not sure, somebody explain it to me....
Anyways, the one verse which stood out the most was "Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God." She handed out hearts (I love visual applications) for each of us to take home and to place in an area where we might become....
aggressive towards those around us....
shall we say snappy?
 Her purpose was to remind us to remain pure in heart. Well this is where my heart ended up:
On my board at work.

 I have pictures of my favorite people (the action words are from a display I made for the atrium) and now the heart hangs within my eye sight at all times. I probably need a heart in all places I frequent in my life:
kitchen pantry,
 you get the idea...
yes, I need help with patience.

Working in a library, our jobs are based on 40 hour weeks of customer service, we have to be as kind as possible while effectively teaching, helping, and enforcing rules and standards.  
I wrote the words Pure in Heart, to remind myself of the lesson taught and hopefully try to be better each day. This little heart will probably end up somewhere else as the weeks/months progress, for now it will stay at work.

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Mom said...

as you probably got that lack of patience from me i think i need a dozen for myself!