Friday, August 31, 2012

Flying High

I am blogging to y'all from my iTouch, so if it looks weird....forgive me, it's been a long day!

Everything went smoothly through security, R was felt up on his stomach and me down my leg. For some reason our bodacious bods set the X-ray off!

At the gate we met a sweet lady who asked how long we'd been married.
I told her "almost 3 years!" She said "y'all look so happy and I've been watching the couples here and y'all are the only ones talking to each other!" We laughed and said "well thank you!" Once at the gate we were told we had to check our bags because the flight was too full. No charge though yay! Hope our bags make it to Utah (we are here now and they did)!!

On my way from the bathroom (I feel safer in the small space of an airplane bathroom, I figure if we are going down I will be safe in the enclosed box). I experienced quite a
sight. A sweet little 2 year old was projectile vomiting while her loving father held her in his lap. It was..... exorcist style.

We shared our row with a rough looking older man who listened to Eminem, covered in facial hair, and nicely told us upon retuning from the bathroom that he "felt much better". Gotta love Texans!

We visited with my in laws, they brought us dinner and we squeezed the baby!! Really nice to see them during our hour layover!

And for our final flight we boarded the plane on time then waited 2 hours because of maintenance on the right wing. Scary! Scary! They told us to deplane after being enclosed and strapped in for 2 HOURS!! We rode the tram back to another terminal with the rest of the passengers, then waited an extra 30 minutes to board our flight at 11:30.

We finally arrived in beautiful SLC and we are so excited for tomorrow!!

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