Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 2

Sunny Day and I completed Day 2 of the walking program. I also did a training session with my trainer and a Zumba class before walking the block twice last night (4 miles woo woo).
If it wasn't for this sweet girl, I don't know if we would've finished. I could hear her saying, "you promised we'd walk an hour every day!"  
Victory on the last lap! I took these pictures on Day 1. Last night, I got home from the gym at 7:45, so it was too dark for pictures. But I wore my bright tie dye shirt so any passing cars could see us (that's for you dad)!!!

Today I will be walking from campus to Bonner park, 2 laps around, then back again. Once home, I will do the Day 3 Walk and Tone in the driveway.
Wish me luck!!

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