Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chicken and Marriage

I am tired of hearing about Chick-fil-A. I'm sure there are more of you who feel the same. It's all over the news and to be honest, I feel nauseous every time I think about chicken.

I hope you stick with me till the end of this post. I feel stuck between two worlds on this controversy. My mom picked me up last night from work around 9 PM and we decided to stop by to see what all the fuss was about, ordering two vanilla cones and using the drivethru to get way from the huge crowd. We didn't go there to make a statement, we went for ice cream and to witness the drama. Typical, bored Southern women.

I had two thoughts while eating my cone:
  1. How would I feel if I woke up tomorrow and saw on the news, thousands and thousands of people stating their opinion on who I can or cannot marry?
  2. How do my Christian LDS beliefs fit into all of this?
A friend on Facebook, James Vann, put as his status yesterday, "Will all of my LDS friends who are eating Chik-fil-a in "support of a person's right to express their views" ask the owners what they think of the Book of Mormon or the Prophet Joseph. It's like buying a Ford to support their disbelief in Mazda. If I want their lemonade and waffle fries, I'll go. Likewise, not going there because the owner expresses his belief is ignorant. Ok, I'm done."

So back to my thoughts:
A person has a right to say how they feel in this country, I don't feel the government should have the power to step in and try to evict a business for their beliefs. But I also feel that as CHRISTIANS we have a duty to love ALL mankind, for those are our brothers and sisters, God created all beings on this earth. What does that beautiful verse of scripture say?

That's right:

John 13:34
"A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another."

I often struggled in high school and growing up in the South of the very Southern Christian way of viewing things: if you aren't saved on this day, at this hour, in this particular church, you are going to Hell.

I am very proud and happy to be a Mormon. Our views are not the same as so many here in the South, I can't go into detail about every single belief (read more if you'd like here), but I do know we are taught to love and serve others, that God knows the hearts of His people, no one else can decide your damnation or salvation. We have our rules yes, commandments to live by to draw closer to our Heavenly Father, we believe in the Plan of Happiness, and that makes me so very happy!

Yes, our church has come out and said that marriage should be between a man and a woman, but they have also reminded us to love one another, to serve one another because we are all children of God. Jesus Christ did not die for those who accept Him, He atoned for the entire world, those before Him and after Him. Whether we accept His Atonement or not, He died for us all.

So what else can I say other than, I felt sad this morning, just so sad for all my friends who had to wake up and see the pictures of people in line. Whose hearts probably broke at the sight. I have many friends who said they were in line because they respected the CEO's right to freedom of speech, other's say they just like the chicken,
but to those who stood in line to send a message to scare others or hurt others, I say this:

that is not Christian, that is not being Christ-like.

for making other's feel bad today, for making other's feel like they are nothing in our society, for making them feel like outcasts.

while you tried to send a Christian message and stand up for your beliefs, you neglected other's who now probably have an even harsher view of Christians than ever before.

We are taught in our church to be examples, that when people see us they think of Christ, we as Christians are lumped into this huge group together, no matter what our religion... When one of us does wrong, the whole group can be judged for it. I can only hope my friends still think of me in a way that would make my Heavenly Father proud even after all of this has happened.