Friday, August 24, 2012

Apps I Love

So recently I became the happy owner of an iTouch. R and I do not have iPhones or Androids, etc. etc., but we do have an iTouch now so I feel a little more "hip" with society. Being the majorly frugal, hate spending a dime on anything (hence the reason we don't have iPhones), we only get the free apps. I've only bought one since we got it and it was totally worth it! The iTouch has made me so much more organized with my family calendar, e-mail, LDS scriptures and lesson manuals, games for stress relief, and all these fun useful apps! is a fantastic website for tracking daily calories. Well, they also have an app! As a user, I can create goals, add new foods (add calories, carbs, sugar, protein) or search their database for foods and their calories. I also can add the exercises I completed that day and have a weekly log of my intake and outake for calories. It has been a great help in trying to lose weight. I feel much healthier and find myself making better choices, knowing I have to log IT ALL into my Loseit app!
Have you heard a song while watching a tv show, or standing in line at the grocery store and wondered who sings that? This app is for people like you and I who LOVE music! This app listens to the song and plays you back the title and artist and (of course) directs you to the iTunes store for purchasing. I have loved it this past week while watching Vampire Diaries (they have some great songs on the show!)
This is the ONLY app I have gone from free to purchasing. It's called iSpending! It has been completely worth it! It tracks all my income and expenses while providing an easy to use database. Unlike other budgeting apps, this one does NOT require me to put any banking or credit card information so "they can better tract my expenses". I love technology, but I don't trust it THAT much. This is just like having a virtual checkbook with charts to help us stay at track!
Now because we are on such a budget and trying to save (see above), I found this app to be extra helpful, especially for those living in bigger cities or college towns. My mom suggested this app, Coupon Cabin. After punching in my zip code, this app gives me a list of coupons in the area and great deals on anything and everything. Very easy to use!
I'm sure y'all have heard of Yelp before and the great reviews available to those who like to express themselves! I am a reviews/comments nerd! I love reading reviews of restaurants, movies, books, hotels, you name it! Yelp also allows for friends to share with friends, as if we aren't doing enough of that already on Facebook!
Last but certainly not least is my app. I've been a member of this site for several years. It helps me keep track of future books on my "to read" list and books I've already read on guess it, "read list". The app has the QRReader just in case I am somewhere and want to read up on a book, I can scan it and have access to reviews or add it to my "to read" list.

I just wanted to share these, for those of you undecided on an iTouch, or for those of us without the crazy gadgets. It really has been a great addition to my lifestyle!

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Erin Elizabeth said...

Hey! This is a great post. I didn't know about most of these. I'll have to look into adding them to my stuff.