Sunday, July 1, 2012

Little Bit of Everything

It's been a busy two weeks.  R and I have been all over the place with work and school. Things are going great though, we LOVE our new ward! We were called to teach the 8-9 Primary class. We are excited to be able to teach together, this will be R's first time in Primary and well, I've always been there so nothing new for me! It will be a learning experience for us and we will have to tag team on teaching!

I have a couple fun stories for y'all!

R and I house sat for my former OPTSR boss. It's a tough job, watching tv on their theater screen, laying out by the pool, and playing with their dog. R was with her most of the week, I drove up Friday for pool time and relaxation. Little did I know the rest of the day would be spent with a swollen snout! Let me explain.

Roxy and I were out by the pool on Friday. I was having so much needed downtime and reading this perfect poolside book:

We were told copperhead snakes were found in the fenced in area surrounding the pool (they like to go for a swim as well), so to be careful. After we swam together and watered the plants, Foxy came over to me. She had been busy barking at the pool boy as he drove off from vacumming for the week (life is so nice). I noticed she had two red dots on her nose. As you dog lovers know, it's hard to get a dog to sit still so I tried to get a good look at it and sure enough, there were two holes in her nose, which was growing larger by the second.

I called R who didn't answer (he dropped his phone at the work pool, after leaving it out in 108 heat, it is as good as new), and 5  minutes later (thankfully) R pulled up with no idea what was going on. I tearfully said, something is wrong, he took one look at Roxy and said "we have to go right now!" Those of you who know me, know I get C-R-A-Z-Y in high stress, so I jumped in and we headed to the closest vet. I was in go mode with tears in my eyes.
The vet looked her over and said she would be fine, but offered for her to be sent to UGA's vet hospital for 24 hour observation. We were an immediate YES to that (this is somebody else's dog and we were just too scared for her).
The next day we picked her up and she looked like this:

Swelling was gone and she was happy to see us!

And ready for belly rubs! (that or still loopy from the pain meds)

Next up: Doggie diapers. Yes, we use them (I hear you judging, are you judging us?!). Those of you with small house dogs should invest in these, because let's be honest, they will never be potty trained and these are magic diapers! Check them out here.

Our smallest dog, Hannah, has found a way to take her diapers off under my parent's bed. And now she "taught" Herkie how to do it. My mom was noticing her supply was low, so I went here:

This is the cave I crawled into....

And there they are! All 13 of them! Yes, 13....

In other news: R was invited to become a member of Sigma Alpha Lambda National Leadership and Honors Organization, UGA Chapter. We are so proud of him and hope to see their cord on his shoulder when he walks at graduation! We also went to Eddie's Attic with our friends Matt and Mary Ann to watch Andy Davis perform his newest album, Heartbreak Yellow (go here to listen to 10 free tracks). I L-O-V-E this guy's music!

This one I love even more and makes my heart go: boom, boom! 
Andy Davis to the right on the piano 
Lovin it! 
Seriously, youtube him.  
Mare perked up during one of her favorite songs, that's Matt to the right looking oh, so cool!

And R and I got outside this weekend to throw the ball around again. Recreation therapy at it's finest! We talk the most when we are outside doing a fun activity. I suggest the same for y'all, get outside with your spouse and family!! Go, enjoy!!!

Love y'all for reading!
(if you made it this far you must be a family member)


Mom said...

HAHAHA- going in the cave? yeah, it IS pretty scary under there! I bet there are more under there now, too! Andy Davis looks fun, can't wait for you to download his latest for me! Love, mom

Mary Ann said...

Sneaky pics! I love the update. I had no clue what was going on when you called me on Friday about the vet. Sorry I wasn't more helpful. Those doggie diapers are hilarious!

Corley said...

hey! i read the whole thing..does that make me family?? :)