Monday, July 30, 2012

It Just Happened That Way

My blog is slowly turning into the Brown Weekend Update. Nothing really goes on during the week so weekend activities are all I have to blog. So here we go again with another weekend update!
Let me start by saying no harm came to sweet baby kitty, Milo. He looks miserable, but he enjoyed it! This is what happens when fleas try to take over my fantastic apartment! We will continue this regimen until they are all DEAD!

I think pictures of wet cats are hilarious.

He doesn't even fight it anymore. We still both got soaked, this is why R is shirtless, not because he is auditioning for Magic Mike 2.
Even after the bath, he still has so much love for R.

Couple hours after the bath we find him here... in the garbage bag. Luckily, there was nothing gross in it, just cardboard from our shopping trip.

He has no shame.

And this is what happens when we don't have TV. R rigged up a toy hanging from the fan (a tackle box fish hanging from fishing line).

Milo loves it, first time I have seen him move really. He is super lazy, should've called him Garfield.

I love Sunny's face, it's like she is saying "Seriously? When are we going to the park?"

Friday we went to see The Dark Knight Rises. Much like the others in this series, I was stressed out throughout the entire movie. I took my BYU blanket (I freeze in theaters) and held on for dear life. The movie was great, full of darkness and pure evil, with goodness prevailing in the end. After the movie, we got into the car, I broke down and cried. R kept asking what was wrong and once I finally calmed down, I explained how scary it must've been for the people in the Aurora shooting and how awful for their family members waking up the next day to hear the news. It made me so sad to know, movies no longer have a shock factor, because we are constantly being shocked by the news. I cried for all those killed and the others whose lives will forever be changed. The stories of heroes from Aurora are the ones which need to be told, not the constant anaylsis of that man's sanity.

After I cleaned my face up, R knew what would me feel better: frozen yogurt. I love living (part time) in a college town, everything is open late! We had frozen yogurt, people watched, and talked about the movie on the tables outside. It was a really great date night minus the crying!
Saturday we relaxed ALL DAY LONG. We watched a couple episodes online of Dallas. It is pretty addicting and I love how quickly the characters go between Southfork ranch and downtown Dallas business offices. It never ceases to amaze me how fast (that commute would be atleast an hour in Dallas traffic) they can make a trip when they are angry!
 Here is another beautiful sunrise at the aquatic center on Sunday morning (R sends sweet texts with these pics). Love that boy!  

Blog title from Andy Davis, listen here.

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