Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dining In?

Saturday evening R and I cooked together a wonderful, starchy, fattening meal. We have a good time in the kitchen together, here are some pictures from our evening:
Creating a honey based marinade for our steaks. It was delicious!  
These two were dying for a morsel to drop into your mouths... didn't happen. 
So pitiful, has no idea that a marinade would taste so gross, all they see and smell is steak!  
Got to use my slicer attachment for the Kitchenaid mixer! Thinly sliced potatoes for Au Gratin Potatoes? Check!
Find the recipe here. (I used half a quart of heavy cream and wish I had even cut that with milk, definitely don't follow their suggestion of a full quart unless you physically want to see your butt growing bigger....) 
While everything chilled in the fridge, I made the dough for chocolate chip cookies. I used this recipe from Pinterest, but wasn't too pleased with how they turned out. They were definitely "chewy" like the creator described, but they were a little toooooo chewy for me. I don't know why I just don't stick to what I know is the best. I have created the "perfect" cookie in the past based on tips from this recipe that I also found on Pinterest. These are by far the best cookies and I won't be going down any more dark roads testing out one of the easiest cookies to create!  
R loves this part, stirring in the chips!  
Because he knows he gets to lick the spoon afterwards... 
Our romantic dinner, with my huge water jug!
Tried to rotate this several times, just won't work! Here is our starchy, fattening meal! Yum!  
And dessert was oooo so good! Homemade chocolate ice cream (using Starbucks hot cocoa instead of cocoa powder) and a cookie! Yes, I need to work out just looking at it!

After dinner, we grabbed our desserts and watched this heartwarming movie.
Zoo animals + cute little girl + father struggling to get over his wife's death = R&W tearing up throughout the movie.

I want to take a moment and say, we are praying for and thinking of the families who are suffering through the horrible Aurora tragedy. May God bless them with comfort.

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