Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bad News Browns

Today I felt like changing the name of my blog from Southern Hope to Bad News Browns. I often laugh or smile to myself when someone says "Ohhh! Living a part must be so awful!" Little does that kind hearted person know, the distance has been the lesser of our stressors, it is a blip on the map for us.

The real things that give me heart palpations are moments like this past week: finding out the same day we decide to sell R's Jeep that it has overheated, won't start and will cost 1,000 to fix, or watching our cat start to scratch and feeling a knot in my stomach that we might have a flea outbreak, or hearing from hubby that he is still undecided on a major, or seeing yet another pregnant belly while mine feels empty and recovers from surgery, or questioning the loyalty and intentions of others, and craving new friendships. And of course, reassuring my-ever so needing to be positive and peppy self- but when in reality I cry all the way to Athens and back because it is my only chance to relieve the emotions each week-and that annoying saying I have of, "it could always be worse" but now feeling that dread deep down that no... that phrase no longer is empowering but a reminder that we currently are at a new low.

Just dripping with drama right? Look, I am the first to be positive, I know people who have endured must worse. While I continue to turn green during scans of Facebook with the new houses, pregnancies (1st, 2nd, or 3rd), plush jobs, and new cars, I am reminded...

Their lives are on a different path than ours, there is no race, it is just a matter of how well you endure. Honestly? I have no idea why we can't go a week without a parking ticket, broken car, or bad news at work, school, or the doctor's office. But I DO know that my life is invigorating because of all the stress and drama. It gives me new goals to strive for and a passion deep down that I want to be better and endure better than anybody else.

With all this said, I have to appreciate the small things from this week so here they are in pictures:

R sent this to me in a text and said, "I miss you and this scene does nothing compared to your beauty and the joy you bring me. I love you." Yeah he is really sweet...
Her happiness to see me can make everything else feel so much better. All people should be as wonderful and loyal.

Last night Milo was laying like this for quite a while....sleeping
And this is what he looked like underneath the table... Crazy, funny kitty

Love my mom for getting us an ice cream maker, this is our Watermelon Sorbet (and her hand).
He makes me laugh and he is taking care of the car problem, so that helps...

Ya know what? I feel like baking up some chocolate chip cookies, we deserve it!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy those childless years as much as you can and treasure every moment you two have alone because once children come it will never be the same again. I'm not suggesting that things will go badly for you after you become a mother, just that it will be different. You should enjoy the carefree days of just you & your dear one while you're both young & somewhat immature. Babies come soon enough but these childless years are ones you don't want to look back on with any degree of regret. Go to Europe; take a cruise; start a homeless shelter; run your own book mobile; run a soup kitchen; volunteer in the remotest Africa or Brazil. The skies the limit or you are. Don't cry! Laugh much; dance often; and live fully! You're much to young to be so sad!