Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Fun

I have really loved going up to Athens each weekend. Our apartment is so quiet, I get to unwind from the week and R always tells me to "do what you want to do," which means if I want to lay in bed all day and eat bon bons, he won't say a word. We spent most of the day Friday watching this hilarious show:
We own seasons 1-5 and since we don't have cable or a TV, this satisfies our needs for now. My mom introduced us to Big Bang and we really love it. R mentioned that he feels like we are "cheating on mom," when we watch the dvds without her.
Nananannana BATDOG!!!
Sunny is my sweet travel companion back and forth on the weekends. I think now she knows when the top goes down, she's headed to the park!

We took her for a 2 mile loop then followed the signs to the dog park. We had no idea it was SO NICE!

That's R, wayyyy down yonder

My first panorama shot that actually worked! This is how huge the field was, I would love this as a future backyard.

Sunny would not venture out into the field without someone with her. Once we walked out, she would start to run back and forth between us, but as soon as we sat in our chairs, she would sit with us.

Sweet girl, she slept the rest of the day!

In this pic, I feel like he is warning y'all, but I have to say... many of my readers would NEVER do something like this.... so here goes....
R and I were driving in Watkinsville when we saw a kitten about to step out into the road. I pulled over, so we could check on it.

What happened next is not really a surprise, we are us remember? Accident prone? Constantly looking for the next hospital stay/emergency room visit/bad news from the doctor. We go looking for this stuff people!
R found a tiny tabby laying in the brush, so remembering Milo and how he found him on the side of the road, he went to pick it up. 
"It lunged at him," (R's words, it was soo tiny y'all, I laughed for hours after this), and bit the tip of his finger. He was bleeding and yelling... imagine for yourselves this scene to the passersby, we probably looked like crazy people.  
After seeing the kitten run up the hill, I decided it was possibly a baby fox. Or at least, that is the story we are sticking to, how funny is it for this big guy to have a bandage from a kitten?! O, I need to stop, I will get the giggles again.

Luckily, we had a first aid kit in the car and I got to practice some of the actions we learn in class! Stop the bleeding, clean the wound, dress it. Here he is with the second bandage of the day after a thorough washing at the park.
No rabies detected as of yet....

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Mary Ann said...

Love the pics of the dog park. It's so funny after hearing the story in the car.