Friday, June 1, 2012

Therapy Driving

Since I wrecked the Xterra months ago, I have been driving my dad's truck. Richard and I can not afford a car payment right now, so I drive whatever is in the driveway or carpool to work. A couple days ago my dad wanted his truck back, and I am now cruising around M'ville in his Solara convertible. I am taking advantage until they trade it in later! I've been blasting Carrie Underwood's new cd, Blown Away (which is her best yet, little country pop, indie sound to it) and enjoying the nice sunshine! It has been so therapeutic and refreshing!

Yesterday after a good cardio session at Bodyplex, I wanted to walk the park with my friend so I drove over to meet her and her baby girl was still sleeping. So I decided to head home, as I was turning around in the parking lot, I saw my aunt Mary Beth and looked around to realize the kids were playing Wee Ball! I was so excited to see the boys; it was totally meant to be! I watched my little nephew play his last game of the season. Here are some pics, these kids were SO CUTE!

Barrett up to bat, he ran to first and waved, so funny. 

 Turning 3 soon, he said, "mom is bringing cupcakes!"

Cutest baby dimples I've ever seen on a child! Baby Brantley turns 1 soon!

 The kids shook hands at the end of the game, Barrett saw a little blonde girl walk by and kept staring at her the whole way down the line, sooo funny!

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Mom said...

how cute is that!!! i would have loved to see the big B staring at the little blond girl, he is so funny!Brantley looks like he is ready to go!