Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pinterest Weekend

R was asked to attend the baptism of a friend of ours on Saturday, so I decided he should just stay here for the weekend instead of me driving to Athens. I planned  some fun recipes off of Pinterest for us to try.

After the baptism, I got started on this quinoa salad and rosemary ranch chicken kabobs (they needed to marinate). Neither came from Pinterest, but are go tos for fresh summer food at our house.

This is a great tasting salad. I throw whatever veggies we have (this time it was cucumber, tomato, celery, and a green pepper). I added some salt and pepper, white vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and Sundried Tomato Vinaigrette (great on salads). Refrigerate and it is delicious for days!

My mom used some of the leftover quinoa for Blackbean Quinoa Burgers. She added green peppers, onions, and oatmeal (instead of bread crumbs). These were delicious (R was not a fan, he was expecting meat, not a veggie taste). It's definitely "girl food".

I wanted to make the roasted Chickpeas I saw on Pinterest. I seasoned them with garlic seasoning, but wish I had done the honey roasted instead. They were good, but I think they would've been better with honey. 375 in the oven, I let these guys cook and checked them till they were brown and crunchy.

Here's our plate for lunch! We added steak sauce, other reviews for the burgers added buns, tomato, lettuce, ketchup, all the fixins for a hamburger, but we went with only sauce and sides. For leftovers on Sunday, we added toasted bread and cheese, they were still great 2nd time around!

R has never had the amazing childhood experience of making ice cream in a bag! Such a treat and I feel it is the BEST way to eat ice cream! He thought it was yummy too and wants to do it with our nephew, Davin when we visit Texas in July.

I made these yummy Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kabobs for dinner. The only changes I made to the recipe: I let them marinate all day instead of 30 minutes and I added Caribbean Jerk to add some heat. These are always a summer hit, I can't wait to have a grill so we can do these outside with a real grill taste.
During a trip to Walmart, we saw this little guy on the checkout counter:
Another customer told us he had one and it worked great! We had to try it out.
It sliced all our potatoes for homemade potato chips.
So we had this yummy meal for dinner!
I had one last treat I wanted to test out from Pinterest. Banana Ice Cream. I love ice cream, actually I love anything sweet, I have a problem. I've seen a lot of pictures of ice cream made completely out of bananas and didn't really believe it. After the girl at Kroger packed our bananas and tomatoes on the bottom of our eco bag (ugh), I decided to freeze the crushed ones and make the ice cream.
I am here to say, it worked! I couldn't believe it! It was the same consistency as ice cream, I will warn, if you don't like bananas this is not the treat for you. Some bloggers said this didn't taste like bananas, but it definitely does, or at least ours did.
R enjoyed this cold treat with some Reese's peanut butter chips as a topping.

 We are looking forward to making many memories this summer!