Sunday, June 10, 2012

Athens, Athens, Athens

So here is a catch up of our weekend and projects. We actually finished the baker's racks and table two weekends ago, but I forgot the camera, so here goes.
My friend Liz is moving to Arizona in a couple of weeks, she let us have this nice coffee table from IKEA. We are VERY sad for them to leave, but happy with this new addition to our living room!

I am so lucky to have a husband who enjoys spray painting. I tell him the color, he gets to work, I love it! This table was all white at first, we painted it and added fabric (thanks mom) and pictures (thanks Paula). 
Sunny is my buddy, she rides to Athens with me, loves the park, and sleeps in the apartment all day.

View when you sit on the couch. I'm sure the pictures will change (I need to print more), but we enjoy seeing friends, pets, and family member's faces in our living room!

 Can you spot the demon cat?

Remember these from the old apartment? 

Love our neighbor's cigarette bucket in the background (ew).

We went with this color, I love having fun colors around the apartment, we are young, we are fun, let's use color!
Here is the mantle:

The other baker's rack is on the other side of the mantle, not sure how I didn't get a picture of it, must have gotten distracted!

And these Willow Tree dolls make me smile, describes us perfectly....  

In other news, we went to the Veteran's Park in Oconee County for a picnic and afternoon walk. I love this park and know we will make many memories here!

Sunny loves riding with the top down on the convertible, we let her off the leash after this picture. She stayed beside us the whole time, we are her people.

R enjoying his sub and the nice weather. Me with my go to junk food for the weekend. We shared that bag by the way!!! It was a nice day, not sure why the camera shows the sky as white, it was blue and overcast.
We parked here, just showing the size of this park. It is a mile walk around which is so nice! 

And this is what happens when your dog is your kid, haha! I love her face in both these pictures!