Monday, May 28, 2012

My Vacation Getaway

We love our new place! It is so quiet and covered in shade, makes for a perfect, relaxed setting. We worked on a couple projects (post pics of those later) this weekend and I forgot to bring my camera, so these are from my camera phone (which isn't a fancy smartphone either, so they are pretty bad).

I promise our couch is brown, not purple! Also to the right, under piece of our new coffee table which is now painted, pics on that later. This is our living room/breakfast bar (love!) and kitchen.

Crazy awesome pantry with room for storage of bike and vacuum (haha!), I love this huge closet (water heater to the right and more shelving).

View from breakfast bar, huge kitchen with our table giving additional counter space as an island (thanks Paula for the tip). We've already had Saturday morning waffles in this fine set up!

Office (work still in progress) and Milo

Bedroom same set up as before, just more outside light from our cute backyard!

We finished two projects this weekend, painted our two baker's racks for the living room and our new coffee table. We had a great time relaxing this weekend while the projects dried. Next on the list of "to do's", this great buy from Goodwill:

Great dresser with potential to be a future baby changing table, obviously hate the colors and seashells (yes seashells, green and yellow yuck) . Can't wait to change this guy up, he is going to look great when we finish with him! The two wooden boxes are future toy bins (also need painting), but nice storage containers for now.

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