Monday, February 13, 2012

What’s New?

My last post was a month ago! Not a very good start to the New Year, but we have been so busy. I am ready to fill ya’ll in on the latest with us.

Unlike we had hoped, R was unable to get his class schedule to accommodate commuting a couple days a week. He has classes every single day this semester. Luckily, we have some amazing friends who (with a little rent from us) are letting R stay with them, until hopefully his schedule calms down.

He is LOVING UGA. We couldn’t have picked a better university for him to attend. He is using the campus gym, bus, and health center. He is taking advantage of all they have to offer. He was elected the Public Relations Officer for the Geology Club and loves all three of his Geology classes. He really enjoys his Calculus class and as I have heard a hundred times, “math is like a video game where I plug in the numbers and get the answer!”

I don’t share or understand his love for math, but I do support it!!

I accepted a part time job as a Physical Therapy Tech with Oconee Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation in Watkinsville, Georgia about 10 minutes outside of Athens. I have absolutely loved working at OPTSR, getting back into the patient/therapist atmosphere has reminded me of why I went to college in the first place. I am in contact with people about getting a PTA (Physical Therapy Assistant) degree, but not anytime soon.

We also had the great pleasure of experiencing TWO car wrecks in one week this past month. Let me tell ya, that was tons of fun! Both of the car wrecks were our faults, luckily there were no injuries, both were fender benders, but still it added high stress to an already busy, stressful beginning to 2012.

Since R is not at home during the week, and I am working full time at the library and commuting Wednesdays and Fridays to OPTSR, we are obviously never home. So to save money and to consolidate resources I will be moving back in with my parents. We have started packing boxes (I know, AGAIN) and putting them into storage. My mom (as always) has been a great help to us and the perfect example of a service-oriented person.

This new year has been rough, I can't say that enough, we are both completely exhausted, so if you see us, and we look grumpy or completely disheveled, just go with it, we are doing our BEST! 

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Tianna said...

Sounds like quite the craziness going on! Good luck with the move!