Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Like to Move It! Move It!

My friend, Mary Ann, introduced me to this website called Lose it! It is a fantastic weight loss tool for inputting calories burned and calories gained to help in the ever struggling battle of losing those pounds!This website is so user friendly, as soon as a user creates a FREE account, a plan is created with how many calories per day allowed based on activity level, weight, and height. After eating, or even before to plan ahead, search the food item and calculate the calories in the food, serving size, and add in how much exercise accomplished for the day.

I love it because some days I end up under my balance, and some I see I am close to going over, so I run the stairs at work in case I plan on having a snack, or I sacrifice the snack to keep my balance low!
I've had my account for a week now, so on week 2 I will weigh myself and let ya'll know if I think it helped me or not.

Attending classes at the gym, Bodypump, Zumba, and Pilates with Liz have me maintaining my weight, but I'm still not where I want to be. I need help dropping those extra 15-30 pounds. I kept thinking I was watching what I ate, but turns out with the Lose it! program, sneaking a bite or two can REALLY add up!

So for those of you who are wanting to "lose it!" check out this website!

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