Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome Back!

Over the Christmas break, R and I were able to relax and relax we did! We spent time with each other, (real quality time like watching movies, reading books, and playing video games haha!) we volunteered with our ward Christmas party "A Night in Bethlehem", we gathered up items to give to a family in need, and we spent our holidays with family and friends. 2011 was a good year for us, but I am VERY excited to see what 2012 has in store!!  
We spent a week in Milledgeville, cleaning, sleeping, reading, gaming, and joining a gym! We are the newest members of Bodyplex and we L-O-V-E it there! The staff members are so kind and willing to please (very contrary to what I heard, so the rumors are false people!) and the exercise classes are exactly what I need. Here's to losing weight in 2012!! WOOO!

Our second week off we spent up in Murphy, NC visiting my Aunt Paula. Her house is the best in the land for relaxation and I became addicted to a new author while there. I am sure you have heard of her.
After Christmas, we drove the 40 miles south to Elijay, Georgia and stayed in a nice cabin with R's family. We hit gold when we found the Jasper Bodyplex and got in a good workout before settling down for a week stay. His parents, brother and sister drove down from Knoxville, TN and his sister, brother in law, and their son drove east from McKinney, TX.

Above from right to left: Connie Fackrell (4 mo. pregnant with baby girl), Carolynn Brown, Kiernan Brown, Richard Brown, and R&I.
We saw Sherlock Holmes, went ATVing in an awesome motocross park, walked around the beautiful downtown Blue Ridge, and......

R and I celebrated two years of marriage this December 29th. We went for a hike to Long Creek Falls . R was in charge of planning our anniversary and a hiking we did go! I won't get all mushy on ya'll, but I am so lucky to have him in my life. We have so much fun together, it went by in a flash!!  

The hike took us up the Appalachian Trial where we veered off and came out on top of the waterfall.

We are very happy to be together :)

We hope ya'll had a WONDERFUL holiday season and pray for 2012 to bring many blessings and HAPPY times for us all!! Thanks for reading...


Erin Elizabeth said...

What lovely photographs! I'm glad you had a nice trip and yes, here's to losing weight in 2012!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great setting for any wedding anniversary! Your photographs are spectacular, your photographer must be professional. I'm very impressed!