Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Gratitude List

Sunny and Milo, we love to be greeted by their sweet, happy faces
Our apartment with extra space, a huge kitchen, and a backyard for Sunny to run
Richard graduated with a 3.7 GPA and no C's for his Associate's Degree
For material things like my new Kitchenaide mixer, pots and pans (thanks mom and dad!), and Skyrim (R's new video game, ha)
R discovered Geology as major 
R wanted me to add: "I am grateful for you because without you, I wouldn't have been as motivated to do something with my life." :)
I am grateful for a husband who makes me lighten up and enjoy the day
Clothing, shelter, food, fresh air, and clean water 
Modern day miracles
Medicine and warm weather for my RA
Jesus Christ for being our Savior and our example
For family who keep life spicy
Friendships that have helped me this year with smiles and laughter
Scriptures,, the primary program, missionary work, and personal progress

We hope ya'll had a wonderful, family filled Thanksgiving!

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