Friday, November 18, 2011

Pinterest Projects

Visit Pinterest, ya'll really need to get on this site and check out all the creative "pins"! There are tons of ideas for crafts, cooking recipes, design, fashion, home organization, family activities, and all for FREE!
A couple Saturdays ago I got on a kick to finish Richard's office. I finally fabric'ed and put backings on our bookshelves. Here are some pics inspired by this pin!

This fabric was bought online from Joann's. It was on sale and a great deal, but when I unwrapped it, I was surprised at how little was on the rod. Apparently I needed to put in more yardage..

R made a run to Lowe's, ladies we all know what happens when husbands go to Lowe's. He made several trips during the week and finally came home with this thick peg board to add backing to our bookshelves. I wasn't expecting there to be holes in my backing, but it worked out perfectly. I'm easy!

I have a husband who helps when I need it. I don't have the strongest hands in the world (thanks RA), so while I folded, he stretched the fabric, and hammered nails. It was a team effort!
My dad was sweet and spray painted these boards Bulldog red for me.

My mom bought these CUTE magnets from Monograms & More during their Collegiate Sale. Calendaring is big in our home and they worked very nicely on our magnetic board.

She also found this Georgia plate and I bought the photo album to the left from Target. Everything red and black while R is at UGA!!

Finished product. The shelves look SO messy and since taking this picture I have organized it better, but whew! I love the look of a fabric'ed bookshelf. This won't be the last time I do this idea and the red peg board made his office look more masculine. I am pretty pleased with the turn out! I have one more item to add to his office that I'll post later once I finish it!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the next installment! I was afraid you were going to ..."leave me hanging!" Great room and it looked great before but now you have punched it up to a higher level of greatness! What a look! Keep up the great work! I can hardly wait for the next installment!

You never disappoint!

jet said...

I <3 Pinterest! I love looking at all the projects, but alas, I've never done one. I don't have the talent like you! Such cute bookshelves! Great job!