Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Whew long time no bloggy blog! How about a What's Up Wednesday to catch y'all up?! 

• What I loved about the past week 
SUNSHINE! When those beautiful yellow rays come pouring down from the  heavens, I want to show hallelujah! If you see me dancing around in the front yard now you know why. I absolutely adore warm weather!! 

• What I'm looking forward to
Upcoming girls trip with my mom. I'll share later where we are headed, but 4 days with her, my son, and the sand between our toes is perfection. 

• What my latest obsession is
Finding good TV shows to watch. We are officially cable free so now I'm looking at you Hulu and Netflix to provide us with late night entertainment. Bring me any and all suggestions.

• What I've been daydreaming about
Our family trip to Washington D.C.  The hotel rooms are booked, the plans are coming together, outings are planned, bikes are prepped. We've been planning this for years and it's finally happening! 
• What I'm craving
Smoothies. I'm the worst smoothie maker ever. There's always too much ice, too little ice, not enough fruit, too much kale. I'm terrible, but that's what I'm craving. Help! 

• What I'm watching
Started and finished Kimmy Schmidt, HILARIOUS. 

• What I'm listening to
Sam Hunt 

• What I'm doing this weekend
Gym time, biking with the fam, then some major baking time. 3 dozen cookies  are needed for our Great to be Eight Primary program at the church on Sunday. Baking is therapy to me, I love being busy in the kitchen and hearing all the yums when people try a cookie! 

• What else is new
I'll be officially a stay at home mom soon. I made the decision this week to let my employer know I'd like to quit working part time. I'm working till they find someone GOOD to replace me. I'm excited to start this new chapter in my life and know serving my family (all 4 of them) will bless my life for years to come.  

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